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What it's all about

Enabling Policymaking for Open Education

Open Education Policies are regulations and strategies, which foster the development and implementation of Open Educational Practices, including the creation and use of Open Educational Resources, by governments, institutions and other organisations. They allocate resources and orchestrate activities in order to increase access to as well as quality, efficiency and innovation of education.

The OE Policy Hub fosters collaborative policymaking by promoting good practices and high-quality resources, and bringing together experts, advocates and organisations from all over the world.

The heart of the hub is the Open Education Policy Registry*, an evolving database which collects and classifies Open Education Policy documents from all educational sectors and levels of governance around the world.

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Get inspired by exploring the OE Policy Registry

Gain an overview of the current Open Education Policy Landscape and find policy examples, that fit your context. Investigate the depth and breadth of OE policies across contexts and levels:

  • Browse through different dimensions of Open Education Policy Making
  • Compare the Open Education Policies of regional governments and countries
  • Be inspired by approaches in different educational sectors
  • Get access to a growing collection of more than 200 documents
  • Find policies that fit your own context and adapt them to your own needs

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Learn how to create your policy

Are you working on a guideline, policy or strategy on how to implement Open Education in your institution? In our curated list of helpful resources you will find advice on setting wise goals, choosing the best processes and using the right tools.

Avoid reinventing the wheel and learn from the experience others made on their journey towards openness.

Find Partners

Build your support network

If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together! The success of your policy initiative depends on finding the right partners – from the very beginning on. Our expert database allows you to find regional experts to support your initiative.

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Let others benefit from your experience

So, you’ve progressed with your initiative, overcome several hurdles, and finally implemented your open policy? Then please make sure to share your outcomes and experiences!

We are looking for policy documents and case studies. The more policies we record and the richer the data about them, the deeper the insights we can gain from analysing the data.

Together, data and narratives will allow us to identify efficient strategies and to spread them for the sake of learners and teachers worldwide. So please make sure to contribute both!